Part I. Get a “real” job, or work at home?

Getting “real” job is really tough these days so for those of us who have been making a living working from our home computers, bearing the weight of this economy may not be as difficult as for our corporate friends and family. Of course, business has indeed slowed down for the at-home freelancers—no one is truly safe from the downturn. But for many of us, depending on the employment situation where we live, there is simply no choice—work at home is the only option.

I personally have been splitting my time between part-time teaching and training assignments and work I can do at home from my computer, work that I have been doing steadily since 2007. I have a great deal of education, which makes me attractive as an instructor, but employers are often wary of individuals with multiple degrees.

Now, let me get to the purpose of this post: should I try to get a “real” job, meaning a job in a company outside my home, or should I put more effort into building my at-home business? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both. Keep in mind, these are my opinions and I invite you to offer your opinions about this topic, whether you are working at home or outside your home!

At Home Advantages

Working at home I get to…

work when I prefer (I am a night owl now but I used to be an early bird), work in pajamas, have a virtual colleague network, ┬áconcentrate on what I’m doing without interruptions; set up home office with fax, computer, cell phone, printer, VoIP service, etc.—>i.e., learn more about technology to get things done faster (*the reason for this blog!*), spend mornings and evenings with family, lower my car expenses (gas, tires), provide de facto home security guard service (lol), have healthier lunches and snacks (well, except this week b/c I bought a big bag of Hershey’s miniatures last weekend)

Company Job Advantages

Working for a company I get to…

have a structured schedule, leave the house every day, make more money (depending on the commute distance, car expenses, drycleaning, etc. factors), interact with real people on a daily basis; possibly travel, get a promotion, company car, company computer, cell phone, have power lunches (lol again)

Now that I’ve given some of my ideas regarding advantages, I will finish this topic up tomorrow and discuss disadvantages of each. Please be sure to comment on advantages, pro’s, the positives of your work environment!

All the best,