Update: I went back and purchased a different netbook, this time from Sony. You will notice that I deleted the reference to the previous one. The original screen size was just 1 inch too small. The 11″ Vaio is much better for my production needs! ****************************************************** Well, I finally caved in and purchased a netbookContinue reading “Downsizing…”

Advice: Monitor your wireless technology

Wireless phone service companies, phone manufacturers, operating system providers and apps providers (i.e., Skype.)—four entities that are part of the greater mobile phone industry, a.k.a. the players that can wreak havoc in the lives of an end-user consumer. How, might you ask? Well, if your technology provider has ever performed an update without informing youContinue reading “Advice: Monitor your wireless technology”

Technology Taken For Granted – Land Line Telephones

I’m sure some of the readers opted to skip this article after reading the title but if you’ve made it this far, enjoy! I survived six days without use of my land line telephone service. After that shock, I am going to be a bit more appreciative of this older technology that many of usContinue reading “Technology Taken For Granted – Land Line Telephones”

Using the iPod for more than just entertainment

It has been a while since my last post because of my busy schedule….and a busy schedule is great for at home professionals! I will start the post today with a question: how much time do you have to sit down and read these days? I do not have enough time to spend reading theContinue reading “Using the iPod for more than just entertainment”