IT Consultant…who woulda thunk it?

It has been quite a while since I posted to the site. The good news is that I still work at home but now I split my time between client offices and my home office (where my four-legged assistant provides reminders about my schedule). Here are some professional highlights: I graduated with the degree in InstructionalContinue reading “IT Consultant…who woulda thunk it?”

Website Planning

This week, one of the assigned tasks is to write a brief proposal for a website. Thinking back to the numerous online sites that I have created, I realize that in most cases, I did not do much planning as I probably needed to do. I always sketched a navigation plan for how I wantedContinue reading “Website Planning”

Getting Organized: Professional and Personal Planning

This was a week to remember! First of all, that dreaded date, April 15, got here so fast. Second, I was blessed to receive a few translation projects. Third, months ago I signed up to volunteer in two different activities. Fourth, I had a DIY project that I started the week before and phase twoContinue reading “Getting Organized: Professional and Personal Planning”

Backing Up Documents Online – Storage Options

Does anyone besides me remember Yahoo! Briefcase? It was a great little online document storage tool unless files were large. Well, today one of my colleagues and I had a discussion about online storage. I mentioned my recent incursion into the world of Windows workspace but he was looking for something different. Since I spentContinue reading “Backing Up Documents Online – Storage Options”

Part II. Get a “real” job, or work at home?

Yesterday I wrote about some of my perceptions about working independently or with a company. Some may view those ideas a little differently than I do. Today the topic turns to disadvantages of working from home and working from the office. I participated in a conference call this morning to discuss a potential training opportunity.Continue reading “Part II. Get a “real” job, or work at home?”