Backing Up Documents Online – Storage Options

Does anyone besides me remember Yahoo! Briefcase? It was a great little online document storage tool unless files were large. Well, today one of my colleagues and I had a discussion about online storage. I mentioned my recent incursion into the world of Windows workspace but he was looking for something different. Since I spentContinue reading “Backing Up Documents Online – Storage Options”

Internet Browsers – Why I like Firefox

At-home career professionals spend much of their time on the Internet. Whether for logging into secure systems, checking email or performing research, we have to be able to rely on our Internet browsers. Right now, I am becoming disenchanted with Internet Explorer (IE). Until last week, I used IE7 for several years. Then suddenly itContinue reading “Internet Browsers – Why I like Firefox”

Working With Office Documents on the Web Part II.

Well, after a few days of trying out Windows Live Workspace, I have to say it’s very useful way to back-up files, and also as I mentioned in Part I of this post, it helps me with document version control! One issue with Workspace so far: my PC runs on the Windows Vista O/S andContinue reading “Working With Office Documents on the Web Part II.”

The Work at Home Career – A Journey

When I was in my second year of my first graduate program, I developed the motto: Life is a journey; wear comfortable shoes. My new motto hasn’t quite been developed yet but it could be something along the lines of: Computer technology changes quickly; don’t get too comfortable with what you know! In part IIContinue reading “The Work at Home Career – A Journey”

Part II. Get a “real” job, or work at home?

Yesterday I wrote about some of my perceptions about working independently or with a company. Some may view those ideas a little differently than I do. Today the topic turns to disadvantages of working from home and working from the office. I participated in a conference call this morning to discuss a potential training opportunity.Continue reading “Part II. Get a “real” job, or work at home?”