Getting to know Slido

This week, I am attending a cybersecurity symposium hosted by OAS and CISA, among other OAS states. During one of the panel sessions, I was reminded about a collaborative communication and feedback app called Slido.

I first used Slido in an K-12 education conference in a technology support role. Today, I am using it as a participant. So what is exactly is Slido? Well, according to the website, it is a way to include everyone in your meetings.

The way it works

The presenter must first create a Slido account and then add questions. The page contains the question for the participants and as the group of participants’ responses will appear on the screen, the presenter can also share the results on screen. In this case, the first question was: What are you hoping to learn today? In this meeting, the question was also translated into Spanish (for this symposium, perhaps Portuguese should have been added).

Slido is a great way to check for engagement, especially with a large group. It gives the participants a way to provide input, especially when individual on-microphone interaction is not possible. It also provides an easy way to prepare and conduct a live survey of participants.

I personally have not had an opportunity to utilize this in any of my own presentations; however I can imagine that in a large group English/Spanish/Portuguese/French class, this would be a great way to ensure participation.

So how are you engaging in your presentations? Send us an email with info about your app and we’ll post it in a future blog. Let’s share ideas!

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