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Have you ever worked in an office place where someone, perhaps from another culture, selects the music for the office? If the ‘DJ’ has any awareness, s/he opts for a station that plays a variety of genres. If not, the music in office environment can feel alien and be disruptive to some, while others enjoy it.

I work at home, alone, so sometimes the silence is just too silent. Music helps to fill that silence a bit. It’s not the same as having co-workers in the next cubicle or over the wall to chat with, or impromptu chats near the drink machine, but it will have to do.

For those fortunate enough to choose their own music at home or in office, whether using a headset or a speaker that can blast tunes out that bounce from wall to wall, Hoopla offers a broad library of music (and audio books) that will appeal to all tastes.

I play calm, soothing instrumental music during periods when I need to focus. I prefer the type of background music that I barely notice. I play dance music during my short breaks when I do a quick set of push-ups, crunches, kicks and bicep curls. Gotta remember to take those screen breaks!).

Focused work calls for instrumental tunes, with switch to dance music during exercise breaks. I call it EXERWORK!

Hoopla is a great choice to set the tone for the workspace. I have also used Amazon music, Spotify and independent radio stations to set up the sound environment for my home office. In addition, I have CDs (yes, I know that’s ancient) and mp3 music that I have purchased and downloaded. There are days when I don’t listen to music at all when I work, but most days I have something playing. Always nice to have options!

In addition to playing music while I work, when I teach languages, I recommend that learners listen to music in the target language. Singing the lyrics helps learners to develop a more authentic accent, and improve listening. Hoopla makes it easy to search for Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English-language artists of all kinds.

Specify target language in the search
Some Spanish titles

What technologee are you using to play music when you’re hard at work? Focus music? Podcasts? Send me a message and let me know. Let’s share ideas!

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