Muting the File Sharing Worries

Recently I decided to add a BitLocker password encryption to the hard drive of my PC and also on an external hard drive that serves as a backup drive. It’s a pretty simple process and as long as I memorize my passwords, then I feel secure that my data will be protected in the event of theft of hardware.

So why do this now? Well, after taking apart an old laptop and extracting the hard drive, I marveled at the relative ease of connecting that drive and using it as an additional storage device. Also, the rise in use of ransomware to lock and block access of data has me backing up my data on a fairly regular basis. Finally, beyond being concerned about my data, Russian cyber-attacks and the rumor-of-war-turned-invasion of Ukraine are creating an overall feeling of unease.

It’s very easy to extract data from an unprotected hard drive.

Rather than sit and bite my nails for the day, I instead took the time to update my firewall software, check email spam settings, did a network check and changed a few important passwords. I also backed up my website just in case…

Working from home necessitates the sharing of electronic files. Other than sending via email, I use Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, and a few other password-protected file sharing options.

Normally, I password protect the file and then call or text the recipient with the password. It’s not ideal but most of the people I email are not using encrypted email. I am using encrypted email and my team members let me know when they are unable to decrypt the files!

I still use a locking file cabinet but the online data protection is what concerns me most!

What steps are you taking to protect your files? Let’s share ideas!

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