Get Your Lost (or Stolen) Stuff Back

Thieves don’t like to be caught, and the worst ones usually aren’t. I was traveling in Europe one summer and a thief grabbed the bookbag of one of the students traveling with my group. Nobody saw the thief or heard anything and the bag’s owner (another college student) only put it down “for a second” before it was stolen. The police never recovered his property and he had to buy another bag, some water and tourist maps.

Fortunately, the student did not have anything irreplaceable in his bookbag, but many others have not been as lucky and have lost computers, credit cards, cash and other valuables. Sometimes items are not stolen, but are simply misplaced or lost by the owner. However, thanks to Bluetooth tracking technology, lost no longer means forever.

How it works

Source: How to Geek, Joe Fedewa, September 15, 2021

From the highlighted article above, the tracker lies dormant while they are in proximity to the owner (the mothership) and are activated when they are out of range. Depending on the company, the data about the tracked object is supported by a shared network of mobile phone users who opt in. (Hmnnn, Seems rather public. Wonder what are all the things that could go wrong in this scenario…)

Bluetooth trackers rely on a network of mobile devices,

If you are shopping for a tracker, check out PC Magazine’s reviews of various trackers and reviews by How to Geek. I have been considering buying one of the higher ranked devices but stopped short after I read the mobile app store reviews. It seems that the phone apps are not as reliable as I would like.

Well, I will keep window shopping. In the meantime, send me an email message and let me know how your Bluetooth tracker and app are working for you. Personal reviews are always welcomed. Let’s share ideas!

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