Zoom keeps things interesting

I bought a new mobile phone a few months ago and yesterday was the first day I watched the “what this phone can do” video. Pretty impressive Motorola phone and I will keep it for at least five years (yes, I do keep my mobile phones that long).

If you are like me (and most people), then you are not using anywhere near 100% of your mobile phone’s capability. Or, for that matter, any of your computer or application capability.

After getting to know my phone a little better, I decided to poke around in my email app and my browser. Then I went to Microsoft Word (always something new there) and before my half day virtual conference, I spent some time checking the profile and general settings in Zoom.

Personalizing the experience

Zoom was probably one of the first applications to customize reactions to allow skin tones. This is an inclusive feature that I appreciate.

Zoom skin tones

But did you know that Zoom does facial grooming too to help you look your best on camera? Okay, well not really but you can use Studio effects to touch up your appearance.

There are shaped eyebrows—in your favorite pencil color—and lipstick in your preferred shade that digitally “glue” on your face. There are also beard and mustache options.

I did not think much of the idea until I tried it. It applied nicely trimmed eyebrows (as long as I did not move my head too quickly) and lipstick that did not end as part of my lunch when it rubbed off while I ate.

Zoom Studio Effects (Beta)

Download the Beta Studio Effects within the Zoom appl. It’s great once in a while to say, “Gee!” Technologee.

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