That cool drawing video

If you’ve ever seen a video where a hand appears to be drawing on a whiteboard and wondered, well how did they do that? Well, there’s an app for that!

This month, I downloaded a desktop app called VideoScribe to test out the capabilities. The tools are pretty easy to use. You simply select the images that you want to add to the timeline (from their library or select your own images), adjust the duration and transition settings and play.

These type videos can be used for demonstrations, eLearning, marketing or general communication. I would use it more for advertising, which is the project I created today. Here’s a video I made in about 15 minutes.

VideoScribe in action

Note that if you are using the trial version there is limited functionality and any exported video will contain a fixed background with the Sparkol logo.

There are other drawing apps out there with similar functionality. Try them out and send your comments about the best value in terms of functionality, subscription price, integrations. Let’s share ideas!

This month’s exploration into the drawing video had me saying that’s great technolo-gee, I did not know it was THAT easy. Try it for yourself!

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