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In April of this year, I was very hopeful that the human race would conquer Covid-19 and we would not suffer the loss of lives that we have experienced globally. I hoped that with the social distancing, quarantines, mask wearing and other precautions that we would be able to keep each other safe and prevent the suffering that so many have endured. I also hoped, most of all, that the pandemic would pass within a season and that we would put our lives back together.

Since that has not happened and many of us are still making efforts to shelter in place, schools are offering virtual and online options, if not onsite. As such, students of all ages and their parents are trying to get their educational plans in order.

Thankfully, there is help from your local district as well as online resources and parent groups to help navigate the new learning landscape. The state of Ohio provides information, including a webpage of Resources for Ohio Parents, Teachers and Students.

If your student is working through self-paced online learning materials, and having difficulty focusing, then it may be appropriate to hire an online learning guide to assist. Or, you might need a tutor to help reinforce lessons.

Through Two Talk LPS, I offer learning support services to grades 6-12 and university students in:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • General Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Chemistry
  • Programming (*general and language specific)
I am a lifelong/continuing learner and have earned university degrees in Education (Instructional Technology focus), Spanish, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I am prepared to assist your student in the subjects listed above.

I can meet with your student via Zoom (with or without video), phone, Google+, or Skype (@TwoTalkLPS). Contact me and let me know your requirements and schedule. I will respond with an affordable rate.

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