Be the Difference You Want to See

In addition to being a lifelong learning book nerd, I am also a serial volunteer. Most of my volunteering has involved the Spanish language (teaching the language or working in Latinx community) and IT (teaching or providing support).

In May, of this year, I decided to take steps to do more than volunteer. I decided to make service part of my business plan.

I committed to using a portion of my business revenue above a minimum level to provide paid career-based training to Black and Hispanic women. I am also offering free/unpaid training when I am “off-contract.”

I reached out to public agencies to not just offer my services, but also to influence the decisionmakers to work with companies that are like-minded—those committed to investing time and energy into the community members that are otherwise being ignored in the economy.

Covid-19 has not altered my plan to offer a hand up in my local area. As I await the decision on a proposal I submitted recently, I am ready to get started with the project and also connect with local agencies with facilities to house my initiative for live or virtual training.

What steps are you taking to make a difference for others? Let’s share ideas! Want to partner with me to provide job training? Contact me today!


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