Online Support of Black-Owned Businesses

This week I learned about a photographer who posted a list of Black-owned businesses to her company site. It has received a high level of attention from business owners and consumers.

Why this seemingly sudden national interest in supporting Black businesses? Because, as Americans, our first inclination to help someone suffering or in trouble is to assist financially.

Beyond supporting Black businesses, we all must acknowledge the current state and work at correcting injustices. Throughout the history of the U.S. racism, discrimination, and criminalization of Black people has negatively impacted the education, healthcare, housing, employment and freedom of individuals and families.

As a technology professional, I will continue to use my knowledge and digital voice to provide insights, educate and uplift others for a better US, and a better U.S. How are you using your technology to support Black lives in your city/township, house of worship, workplace, etc.? How about other marginalized people? Send me a message with a link to your page. Let’s share ideas!

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