Technology for Getting the (real) News

I am not a media junkie, but since the Covid-19 pandemic started, I have kept my phone and tablet on the news sites. I want to know what is happening across the globe, in this U.S. and in my state. Now that there seems to me a renewed level of criminal activity by police and by vigilantes murdering Black citizens, I am checking more often for current events and especially for any judicial actions taken against the perpetrators.

There are a few media outlets that can be relied upon for staying aware of current events —real news and not opinion. And let’s be real: all the information that I post to my blog is opinion. What we Twitterers (?) tweet, and retweet, may contain some facts but usually we write an opinion on an existing, trending topic, or create a message starting a new one. Opinion is not news as is evidenced by Twitter’s measures to label tweets.

However, there are many legitimate news outlets on Twitter. Also, federal, state and local government offices also post updates and messages. In that respect, Twitter is also a news outlet and I can generally rely on the posts from those sources.

When I want to know the truth about events and not an opinion, and when I want to trust that a media outlet is not slanting the news, I cross check national and international news sites. I choose not to rely on a single source for information. To read the news quickly I have downloaded the CNN, RFI, Telemundo and Reuters apps because of personal preference (maybe I like the colors) but other legitimate news sites have equally good apps.

Note: I do understand that apps capture my clicks and preferences and can feed me more of the same type of content that I click, which is why I delayed in adopting the technology. As such, on days when I have no project work and I have a little more time, I take additional steps to ensure that I am not consuming only what the apps feed me. Instead of using the app, I open my internet browser on one of my devices, clear my cookies, close and restart before reading.

Check the facts and skip over the false. Download real news outlet apps or read their sites for local, national and international news.

Which sites to you trust for real news? Send me an email and let me know. Let’s share ideas!

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