Another type of Virus: Covid-19 Scammers

Today I received an email message that, from all appearances, was from the state department of business services. Except, there is no state department of business services.

Stop and evaluate before you click.

I read the email message, hovered my mouse over the links and checked the email address–nothing was familiar. I recognized the email for what it was: phishing. I reported the email to the real department in my state that this scammer was pretending to represent.

I have seen a disturbing increase in the number of fraudulent emails since the crisis began to take hold in our country—to the point that I have mistakenly blocked senders that are potential business partners.

Unfortunately, there are individuals (in-country and outside) who are attempting to make a bad situation worse by preying on people who really need assistance, employment or business contracts. They are impersonating business representatives and misrepresenting company details in an effort to commit theft.

In addition to email phishing, social engineering by phone, scammers are active on the web, too.

Scammer Attack: A well-known job site has numerous fake job postings listed.

Defense: Do not rely on a site owner to vet, or confirm that job postings are legitimate, even if the site is legitimate. Always check multiple sources for the advertising company, including the Better Business Bureau, complaints pages, etc.

For more ideas to protect yourself, check out this phishing article on the Federal Trade Commission website.

I hope all of us are doing as much as possible to defend our health during Covid-19 to prevent the virus from invading living and working spaces, and our bodies. We must be equally diligent to protect data and finances from viral scammers.

Take care. Stay covered.

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