Zoom…ing in on another meeting app!

I signed up for Zoom a few years ago to do some online teaching (worked out better than using Skype). I recently had to resurrect the app for an online systems class. The course began in February with our 100+ participants gathering in a huge meeting space. However, as of last week we are meeting virtually via Zoom.

Although I would normally complain about the switch, adapting to an online class is minor compared to all the other important changes that we have had to make in our lives. Again, I am grateful for developers and their technology that keep us communicating and working, at least to some extent.

So back to Zoom! Getting Zoom is easy and best of all, there is a free version. Get your download at Zoom.us or install the app on your mobile device. I originally downloaded the Windows .exe file and when I opened the dusty version of the app, it automatically did an update.

Downloading the App

Congratulations! You are ready to start working in Zoom. If you prefer to link passwords, sign in with your Google account or Facebook. You can also create an account using your email address, or using single sign-on if your organization supports it. Let’s dive in!

So I mentioned in a previous post that I prefer the large screen versions of apps. This demo will be from my Windows PC. Let’s dive in!

The user screen appears after you login. You may get some computer alerts about access to your web camera.

The Zoom landing screen contains four options. If you are scheduling meetings on the fly, the New Meeting and Share Screen options will be your go-to buttons. If you have to attend or invite others to meetings, you will probably use the Join and Schedule meeting options more frequently. Let’s take a look at all four.

New Meeting

Start an impromptu meeting and invite your colleagues—or family or pals, depending on your meeting purpose!
You can join audio, start video, manage participants, chat, record and accept the emojis from attendees.


Join a meeting already scheduled. in this case, someone else has organized a meeting and you are an attendee.
If this is a meeting hosted by someone else, you have fewer controls so sit back and enjoy while s/he does the work!


Scheduling a meeting provides you a menu of options in advance of your meeting, including when it will occur, who will attend, and whether video will be used.
I recommend making the video optional for attendees.

Share a Screen

Sharing a screen is generally an option often used by technical support and Help Desk professionals. You might use it to quickly connect with a team member.

So that’s the quick overview of Zoom! How have you used Zoom to do your work? Let’s share ideas!

Personal note | Nota Personal

I really like the free version of Zoom because it limits the meetings to 40 minutes. I have to get off the call within that allotted time. Otherwise, the meeting will time out. How nice for those who have to continue doing other work! Find out more about the account types here:

En realidad, me gusta el Zoom porque limita las reuniones a 40 minutos para las cuentas gratis. Hay que terminar dentro del tiempo permitido. Si no, te corta la reunión. ¡Que lindo para todos que tienen que seguir con otro trabajo! Se puede leer más sobre los tipos de cuentas disponibles aquí:

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