Stop–Don’t throw that envelope away!

No, that envelope is not a piece of junk mail! The Census notices are being mailed out twice. Have you filled out the questionnaire yet? Thanks to the US Department of Commerce for the online option.

A 5-Minute 3-Step Process With a Reward

1. Open the envelope. You can use scissors, letter opener (do you even know what that is?), or an index finger.

2. Find the Census ID in the box. It’s in the box labeled “Your Census ID is:” (Pretty easy so far, right?)

This is an ID unique to your residential address.

3. With the Census ID letter in one hand (not the hand you type with), and your other hand on your phone, tablet or PC keyboard, open your favorite browser and go to and complete the questionnaire. (Checkpoint: don’t forget to power the device on!)

For detailed guidance, click the INSTRUCTIONS link at the top of the page.

Reward for Completion
So what do I get for my five minutes?

  • I avoided having the regional Census office use more paper (i.e., kill more trees) for me because they did not have to mail me a paper questionnaire in addition to the two letters already sent (yikes!).
  • I am now represented in the database of 320 million+ U.S. residents. It’s like a following on Instagram…only bigger…and I don’t get a unique username…and I cannot get any likes from others.

On a related note:
Covid-19 has made us vulnerable in so many ways. Watch out for scammers sending official looking mail, or phone calls, or even people knocking on your door posing as Census Takers. Be safe!

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