Getting Slack…Again

I used Slack briefly during a period when my client’s Unified Communications group was searching for virtual team collaboration tools. They eventually selected Microsoft Teams but I for one, was impressed Slack.

Now that I am 100% virtual like half of the workforce, I thought I should get reacquainted with Slack.

Signing up for Slack was quite easy. The app is available on Google Play and the Apple Store. I downloaded to my Android phone to start off.

Install Slack for Androids from Google Play.
Follow some basic setup steps.

Get the profile set up and you are set to go!

Once you’re in the app, whether on your desktop, mobile or tablet, using Slack is very simple. And although I have opened this post with the mobile device version, I am more inclined to use the desktop version. The reason is that I prefer a full-size keyboard vs typing on a screen. (Do detect any co-signing “Amens“?)

On the desktop, I get started by going to the Two Talk LPS Slack page.

Quick people and channel add. Add people first so you can later add them to your channel.

So that’s it’s. I am ready to collaborate internally, or externally with clients, students and developers. What else are you using? Let me know! Let’s share ideas!

On a related note, have you noticed your networks seem a bit slow lately? I read that it was due to the increased web traffic from our work at home colleagues, more shopping online, etc. It’s a good thing the networks are built with this capacity in mind so we can stay connected! Stay safe!

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