IT Consultant…who woulda thunk it?

It has been quite a while since I posted to the site. The good news is that I still work at home but now I split my time between client offices and my home office (where my four-legged assistant provides reminders about my schedule).

Here are some professional highlights:

  • I graduated with the degree in Instructional Technology (yay!)
  • I started working as an IT Project Manager and Business Analyst (the Lord just plopped me down into that role and it seems that it’s the path I’ll follow!)
  • I started a corporation and I have a few corporate clients, one primary and a few infrequent (making hay while the sun is shining…)
  • I am nearly finished with a degree in computer science (odd that I started a business in a field BEFORE getting the specific university education?) — two classes remain for fall 2016!
  • Earned Project Management Professional and Microsoft Project certifications
  • I’ve increased my fluency in Spanish and Portuguese (and I’m still waiting for the break-out opportunity that will allow me to use the languages along with the other skills!)

So what can be expected for 2016 and beyond? Well, I’ll get back into the practice of posting to this blog some of the neat technology I’ve come across for personal and business use that I hope will be as useful to you!

Let’s continue to share ideas!

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