In the studio: podcasting

This week I will create a podcast, an assignment in my university class.  Though I have created podcasts before, I must admit that they were never really organized well. Well, I decided to do a better job at organizing this time!

Podcast topic: Data Mining

Goals: Introduce data mining and its use in the business analysis context


1. Musical Introduction

2. Speaking topics:  Definitions of data mining, business analysis, the professional business analyst, software used

3. Examples, Business cases – benefits for companies

4. Questions, Related Information

5. Conclusion

Timing: 5-7 minutes

My plan is to learn to use the Adobe Soundbooth program while working on the project; however, I will turn to Audacity if Soundbooth proves to complex for me to be able to meet my deadline.

Are you a regular podcaster? What are some helpful techniques to get others started? What’s your technique for scheduling recording on a regular basis?

Let’s share ideas!

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