On a quest for knowledge

Ever heard of a webquest? Well, today I submitted my first webquest as a part of my online course.

Webquests facilitate learning.

A webquest is an inquiry-based online activity that students typically work on in groups(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebQuest). Generally, these tools are used in K-12 environments; however, depending on the content, they can also be applied to college courses.

I registered for a free 30-day membership on questgarden.com, selected a quest template and quickly starting building the webquest. Fortunately, I had planned my activities in advance and was able to copy and paste text. When learnng via webquest, students actively participate in the learning process: they do more than read an instructor’s notes and ‘regurgitate’ what the instructor has provided. If you are an instructor, perhaps the webquest methodology might be useful for you. Try it out and share your experience.

Let’s share ideas!

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