Following and subscribing to Twitter and Blogs

Like many others I know, I have set up multiple RSS feeds to news sites and companies. Yet, I don’t know many people who actually read their RSS feeds. Who really has the time to read it all?

Today, as a requirement of my university class, I subscribed to about ten blogs and followed 10 tweeters. The Twitter experience left me wondering whether there would be an easier way to follow others.

I did a quick Bing search and found links to articles about apps called TwitterMass (posted in April 2009), Twollow (2008 posting), and the Twitter auto-follow option, which apparently was eliminated sometime in 2009.

The existence of these apps helps to explain how some individuals had large followings, and why I often receive messages that users with strange names were following my account.

What has your experience been with subscribing to blogs, following, “liking” and linking with other users?

Let’s share ideas!

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