Update: I went back and purchased a different netbook, this time from Sony. You will notice that I deleted the reference to the previous one. The original screen size was just 1 inch too small. The 11″ Vaio is much better for my production needs!


Well, I finally caved in and purchased a netbook this week. Hence, I am downsizing, at least for the days that I am working away from my home office.

I have been working on a contract for the past several months and my laptop, an iBook (oldie but goodie), doesn’t have the software I need on-site. Thus, I have been at the mercy of the client’s PCs. This week I received a laptop from them to be able to work in different offices. Yes, the same week that I received my netbook. Great timing, eh?

The XXX that I purchased is pretty standard and runs on Windows 7. The keyboard is large enough for a full day or production, in my opinion. However, considering that I spend a great deal of time on my mobile phone keyboard (a nice LG phone) using Word and Excel, anything larger will seem almost full-size. So, check it out for yourself to see whether you agree.

The price was decent for the specs (under $300) so I’m pretty happy with my decision (i.e., I’m not likely to have second thoughts and send it back!).

I’m already looking for options to upgrade the memory from 1 to 2 GB. I’m not so much concerned with the storage since I store most of my files online but speed is always important. I will post again after I complete the upgrade.

Any other late adapters out there like me? Anyone still “holding out” for a big sale?

Let me know what you’re thinking. Let’s share ideas!

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