On the Hunt for a “Real” Job

Well, in the midst of this roller coaster economy, I have decided to put my CV out in cyberspace and, in some cases, directly into the hands of human resources recruiters, to find a “real” job.

In the spirit of this blog, the topic today will be on the job hunting websites. The new websites out there for hunting for jobs have become a little more sophisticated, and older web companies have improved their search and submission tools. I prefer indeed.com, careerbuilder.com and monster.com. Indeed.com is great as a one-stop shop. Careerbuilder.com is a good site for localizing a search to a general region. I would give the most improved award to Monster.com. The site has really come a long way in terms of the initial sign-up process (I lost the password to my old account so I had to start a new account).

Back to the job hunt…

I’m still getting some business but my near-term (6 months) forecasts, based on recent trends, are not economically appetizing. For my long-term clients out there, do not be concerned. I will continue to work from home in the evenings and weekends as projects come; however, at this point, it will not be feasible to support myself 100% via a work-at-home career. In light of that fact, I will be looking for a position in a company.

I’m sure there are others out there who, like me, are finding themselves required to make a few changes to adapt to the economic environment. Let me know what’s going on. It has been very quiet for the past few months!

Let’s (still) share ideas!

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