Using the iPod for more than just entertainment

It has been a while since my last post because of my busy schedule….and a busy schedule is great for at home professionals!

I will start the post today with a question: how much time do you have to sit down and read these days?

I do not have enough time to spend reading the financial and international news and other materials essential to being a successful trainer, translator, and investor. In addition, some days I do not have enough time to sit and study the Bible the way that I would like (at least 1 hour), or read books that I enjoy (except when I’m exercising and even then I may have to take work with me).

As I begin to receive more projects (thank GOD!) I am making an effort to utilize the technology available to me to be able to dual-task (something like multitasking except I limit myself to two activities!). Lately, I have gotten more use out of my iPod, a gift from my husband. I have downloaded books, news recordings, an audio Bible and study lessons, and language reviews (Spanish, French, Portuguese, German)

Last week, I traveled out-of-state to visit family and I took my iPod with me. During the day, I was helping out with food preparation, decorations (*for a surprise birthday party) and cleaning, so I turned the iPod on for several hours during several days (it has a great battery life!) to catch up on some of my “reading” and studying.

Eventually, I hope to seek transcription projects and I am planning to use the iPod as a tool to work remotely, i.e., while sitting in the waiting room of my dentist’s office, shopping, at the fitness center, or working in the yard at home.

How do you use your iPod in your work? Let’s share ideas!

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