Getting Organized: Professional and Personal Planning

This was a week to remember! First of all, that dreaded date, April 15, got here so fast. Second, I was blessed to receive a few translation projects. Third, months ago I signed up to volunteer in two different activities. Fourth, I had a DIY project that I started the week before and phase two was due to be completed today (April 16). In addition, I had to keep my home stuff (dinner, cleaning, time with husband, bible study in group and alone, phone time with relatives, etc.). So, how does a work-at-home professional keep it together with all of this going on? Very carefully (and with a lot of prayer)…

I program all of my important activities into the calendar of my phone. I have a smart phone, which has been a life saver for me. Other than maintaining my calendar, I read and respond to email messages, search for projects, send text messages and even occasionally use the device as a phone, often from while exercising at the fitness center (multi-tasking!). The calendar has a nice reminder feature that alerts me prior to important activities.

I had dinner with a colleague last night and she said that she had just gotten her first smart phone this past week. Once she gets used to all the features (some of them for entertainment purposes only), I know that she won’t be able to go back to the old style phone (“dumb” phone?).

I am always worried that I will forget about something, and I have a habit of destroying my cell phones, so I also use the Yahoo calendar as an additional means of keeping me on track. It allows me to send email message reminders so since I am always checking my email, I am always aware of important activities.

So how do you stay on schedule? What computer software are you using? Let’s share ideas!

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