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Email newsletters have been around for a while but I have just ventured into the realm.

My husband asked me to do some research because he was interested in sending his clients regular news. I checked out a few info sites and found that, if the heart is willing and the spirit strong, someone like me could develop his/her own templates, link to the company website and zip and zap newsletters to multiple users. There are templates available for download for free (virus scans always recommended) and instructions galore.

However, since I do not have time to come up with email templates of my own, or even tinker around with the instructions, I opted for an email newsletter service. I’m sure many of you have heard of Constant Contact. They’ve been around for several years and last week, I signed up for an account.

The first sixty (yes 60!) days are free for the user to tool around and see if the service is worth the membership feeĀ  of about $150 for an annual subscription. The dashboard is very user-friendly and after a few minutes I was able to put together a *slightly* impressive sample newsletter and emailed it off to my hubbie.

Also, it helps if there are people who really want to read about what I’m up to, right? So… I posted a “sign up for my newsletter” link on my website that links directly to Constant Contact. Very few people have subscribed. Until I get at least a higher number of subscribers, I cannot justify the expenditure. Great program though!

Let me know what you think about Constant Contact or any other similar service. Let’s share ideas!

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