Backing Up Documents Online – Storage Options

Does anyone besides me remember Yahoo! Briefcase? It was a great little online document storage tool unless files were large.

Well, today one of my colleagues and I had a discussion about online storage. I mentioned my recent incursion into the world of Windows workspace but he was looking for something different. Since I spent the time looking up some information about it, I thought I would share with the Technolo-gee gang.

I have not used any of the following sites except for Windows Skydrive but I am intrigued by the different capabilities of the various services to save different versions of files, share with other users, and automatically update files.  My primary concern is security so I’m hesitant about backing up my entire computer, o r even certain files to unknown sites. I will comment more on my experiences later. For now, here are a few companies offering online backup services:

Windows Sky Drive offers 25GB free. Since I already have a Windows Live ID I didn’t have to do anything to sign up. Very nice for the lazy in me!

Carbonite piqued my interest with the comment that the software “encrypts files twice” during the automated backup. Very affordable with plans starting at $55 per year. One of my educational colleagues has used this site for over a year and she  with the results. has plans for basic users (50 GB free) up to 1 terabyte for premium users ($139 annual fee). I don’t know anyone who is using this service so I cannot comment on how well it works.

What online storage services are you using? Let’s share ideas!

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One thought on “Backing Up Documents Online – Storage Options

  1. I won’t mention the service I used but I tried online storage and my files were lost. Luckily I backed everything up on my own external hard drive. I ahve to back up everything these days!

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