Working with Office Documents on the Web Part I.

I work on multiple computers and I sometimes have trouble with version control. I thought I would solve the problem by only working on one computer for one set of clients, and on the other computer for other clients. However, as  freelancer, I answer email messages all day and I download files on the computer where I happen to be working. Then, I edit, upload…and so on. Hence my dilemma with version control.

I have used Google Docs on occasion and it worked fine as long as I didn’t have to download the spreadsheet or word processing document, which rendered the document useless. Online, the versions worked as well as Excel and Word but with some annoying delays that I could never overcome regardless of the type of web browser I was using.

Well, now Microsoft has come out with Windows Live Workspace (

It’s in beta stage but it looks promising.  I’ll be back to revise this post after I use it more to let you know if it helps me!

If you’re already using Windows Live Workspace, let me know how it’s working for you! Let’s share ideas!

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