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Well it’s not as hard as it used to be to look for a work from home job. Several companies have sprung up all over the world with the at home work model. So where can you find a job?

Please note, I am writing from my personal experience: I am not being compensated by any job search website company. In addition, I will check out any website that is suggested in the comments prior to approving a posted comment. I am interested in posting information on sites that are credible and useful to jobseekers!

Finding credible posts can take time on any job search site but even filtering through the most legitimate sites like careerbuilder,, and is sometimes a chore. Some websites cater to at-home job seekers, such as Many of the genuinejobs postings are from other sites. I’ve actually found some good opportunities on this site and landed a contract opportunity that I’ve had since 2008. That particular job is with a legitimate company with a website, email address and telephone number for whom I was able to find company documents on the state commerce department’s website. Hint: take the time research the background of a company!

Recently I found Element Care, a company based in the southeast offering part-time and full-time customer service jobs. Their qualifying process was very relevant and the home office technology requirements were pretty standard. They have a two week full-time training session which is mandatory so make sure there’s time for this if this sounds like an interesting job to you! I’ve had to postpone working with them until I can set aside the required 40 hours.

In the past, I’ve posted on jobs from but I haven’t found anything recently. One thing I would like to see on that site is the post date of the jobs, to be able to determine how fresh the content is. Right now there is no way to tell whether a job was posted yesterday, or last month.

For translators, is a good site. Membership is free and the site allows a user to submit a limited number of free bids. After that point, a membership can be purchased–I’ve used the site for three years and it’s definitely worth the yearly fee. I’m sure that I’m not using all of the features of my membership.

There are quite a few other freelance pay sites out there that won’t allow a free trial period and since I’m not willing to subscribe to an unproven search site (it’s rather counter productive to have an unemployed person to pay for access without proving that the site is reliable, don’t you think?), I won’t even mention them.

What sites have you used to find online jobs? Let’s share ideas!

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  1. thanks for the info. i am applying for the element customer care job! also the other articles are helpful. i am stressing right now becuase of losing my job almost a year ago so i am hoping that i can get the work at home thing right!

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