The Work at Home Career – A Journey

When I was in my second year of my first graduate program, I developed the motto: Life is a journey; wear comfortable shoes. My new motto hasn’t quite been developed yet but it could be something along the lines of: Computer technology changes quickly; don’t get too comfortable with what you know!

In part II of my get a “real” job or work from home post, I wrote that I wish I didn’t have to “be the accounts payable, accounts receivable, marketing, scheduler, project manager, customer service, order fulfillment, sales and service departments when all I really get paid for is the order fulfillment (the rest is overhead!).” I understand that there are software programs that will reduce the amount of time that I have to use on management and administrative matters.

Thus, in this journey, I will address various topics and, I hope, obtain feedback from others that will make our work at home experiences better. Future blogs will about using office technology to reduce the effort in performing various management and administrative functions (scheduling, accounting, tax submissions, customer service, marketing, etc.), managing your finances, maintaining computer security, and of course, getting paid (alas, it is mentioned last but not the least of your worries).

Let’s share ideas!

Work Environment: Where do you work?


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